theses.fr is a search engine to find French doctoral theses.

Its aim is to provide an entry point to:
• all ongoing doctoral theses in France
• all awarded theses in France, available in any format (print, digital, commercially published, etc.)
• individuals and institutions in connection with these theses.

theses.fr is an application resulting from the Portail des thèses project (or Theses Portal) commissioned to ABES in 2009 by the French Ministry for Higher Education and Research . Three majors aspects were included in the roadmap to:
• strengthen national and international visibility of French doctoral research. theses.fr fully discloses on the web data describing these doctoral theses. • serve the academic community. theses.fr helps the whole scientific community to gain as accurate as possible a view into the state of ongoing doctoral research and to have an update on research being done on a subject or in a discipline. • serve the economy. By promoting the research done by doctoral students, theses.fr is also aimed at fostering the professional development of young researchers.

A database in constant evolution

Since it went online in July 2011, theses.fr has been collecting data about theses awarded since 2006 in institutions who decided that these should be deposited in their digital instead of printed version (over 6,000 theses). They cannot be accessed full-text systematically, depending on the authorisation granted by the author or the rights holders.
In September 2011, data from the "Fichier central des thèses", or Central Index of Theses, was added to theses.fr (over 66,000 theses in progress in universities, mainly in Humanities and Social Sciences).
Data in theses.fr is validated by staff members of the institutions entitled to award doctorates.

In the coming months, , the contents of theses.fr will be expanded with the addition of data from the "Bibliographie National des Thèses", or National Bibliography of Theses, a comprehensive directory of theses that have been defended in France since 1985, which is currently available through Sudoc catalogue.

theses.fr interface and APIs

Data in theses.fr can be accessed through its www.theses.fr website using a search engine and faceted navigation.
As part of ABES open data policy, theses.fr is in keeping with the move to Web data and linked data.
Public domain data is available through an XML API.

theses.fr, made in ABES

ABES designed and developed theses.fr , further to the central characteristics approved by the executive and steering committee of the Theses Portal project.
Graphic design by Oxynel.

Legal notice

theses.fr, contains individual information, especially about doctoral students, theses supervisors and thesis committee members, and has been declared to the Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL), the French data protection commission (opinion pending). In compliance with the French Data Protection Act no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 (articles 38, 39, 40), you are entitled to access your personal data, and to correct or delete it online on this site.
To use this right, please go to the ABES Helpdesk.