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Étude grammaticale de l'iwoyo (Angola)

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Auteur / Autrice : Amelia Arlete Mingas
Direction : Emilio Bonvini
Type : Thèse de doctorat
Discipline(s) : Linguistique
Date : Soutenance en 1995
Etablissement(s) : Paris 5

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The goal of this work is to give a clear inderstanding of the grammacial structures of iwoyo, an angolan bantu language spoken in cabinda and classified by m. Guthrie under the h16a zone. After an introductory background concerning some basic geographical informations about the country, and a brief geographical and historical description of cabinda the first chapter present the structures of the major utterances attested by the language: assertive, interrogative and intimative sentences which provided the inventory of the nominal and verbal constituents. The second chapter deals with the nominal constituent analyzed through two methodological frameworks: bantu traditional one and e. Bonvini's. We first discussed class systeme and gender marlers; then we studied successively the noun, the noun phrase, the rponoun and the numeral. In the third chapter the verbal constituent is analyzed in detail. Through considering bantu traditional methode, we made a distinction between the verb and its specifiers, accordingly to e. Bonvini's suggestion. In the last chapter we studied the internal and external enunciative variations, specially topicalizationin one hand and corrdination and subordination on the other.