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Industrialisation et marchandisation de la formation : le cas de la formation des adultes en France

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Auteur / Autrice : Éric Delamotte
Direction : Louis Porcher
Type : Thèse de doctorat
Discipline(s) : Didactique du français langue étrangère
Date : Soutenance en 1994
Etablissement(s) : Paris 3

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The training of adults, now in-service training, serves a social purpose whose utility has been recognized and use extended. Its official recognition results from the setting-up of a systematic organisation with several intervening partners : industries, social partners, the state. Impinging on several fields at the start, it now tends to become autonomous. In this field, the training agencies stand out, beside the state and the industries. The observer cannot allow himself to give a rapid definition of their activities as they are of a great variety. The questioning of monopoly situations on of protected "markets" contributes to bring the training of adults chose to a business model. A dynamic of "tailored" offers of services has developed. In order to meet the diversity of demand, the agencies have changed the organization of work - therefore as the services offered differ from the collective models of initial training, the training of adults, taking into account its own characteristics, can be analysed as a component of the whole industry of culturel. The analysis then clearly shows that the fragmentation of the trainers's activity objectively results from a new "rapport de force". All things considered, at a practical level, the turning of training into both an industry and a business, simply appears as the instrument and the embodiment of the acceptability of a new group of people : the professionals of adult training.