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L'activité de jouer et ses conséquences dans l'apprentissage des langues

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Auteur / Autrice : Barbara Villez
Direction : Louis Porcher
Type : Thèse de doctorat
Discipline(s) : Didactique du français langue étrangère
Date : Soutenance en 1994
Etablissement(s) : Paris 3

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The object of this thesis is to examine play as a technique in language learning. To this effect, play theory, definitions of play, its functions and a typology of games, especially as they correspond to different age groups, were studied. Particular attention was paid to the distinction between games, structured activities with rules, and play which encourages creativity, imagination and spontaneity in language classes. A model of play was developed as an instrument for the evaluation of games and activities used in languages courses. The second part contains an examination of the games proposed in primary and secondary schools, in the foreign language courses in theses classes as well as in continuing education classes. Also examined is the silent way, a methodology based on play. The third part is a study of the real use of games in courses observed, the application of play technique in difficult language teaching situations such as legal english, and the implicaltions of all this on teacher training.