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Marguerite Yourcenar et la Grèce

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Auteur / Autrice : Vassiliki Dicopoulou
Direction : Marius-François Guyard
Type : Thèse de doctorat
Discipline(s) : Littérature française
Date : Soutenance en 1993
Etablissement(s) : Paris 4

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This thesus will study the existing relationships between marguerite yourcenar and the greek world, in her works and in her life. The introductory matter, wich sets the subject's main questions, tries to define the basis of a cosmogonical perception of the world, or at least, the writer's philosophia, while in touch with the greek culture. Further to this introduction, it will be shown that numerous features of the modern and ancient greece had a huge influence on the birth and the maturation of marguerite yourcenar's philosophia. This will lead us to a plan, wich is described below. In a first part, we will analyze both the influence of the presocratic philosophia and the archetypal elements of the classical greece, comparing it with a cosmogonical perception wich is unveiled by marguerite yourcenar's works. A second part draws the correlations between the myth, as it was shown in the ancient drama, and the dramatic representation of passion and fatum, as it is displayed in marguerite yourcenar's works, such as feux. The third part of this study is about the poetry of marguerite yourcenar works. The influence of the ancient and modern greek poetry is discussed, through the author's early works, or through translations of ancient greek poetry or