Thèse soutenue

Les petits planteurs sucriers face aux mutations socio-économiques à l'Île Maurice

Auteur / Autrice : Rajendra Paratian
Direction : Jean Benoist
Type : Thèse de doctorat
Discipline(s) : Droit
Date : Soutenance en 1991
Etablissement(s) : Aix-Marseille 3

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Part one of this study deals with agriculture; from a historical standpoint, it grapples with the salient questions linked to this sector - markedly powered by a mono-crop culture. The vexed question of land tenure is examined along with other related problematics, namely, the origin and evolution of agrarian capital, the state of dependency of the sugar economy, the main agricultural policies of the state, and the changes underway. Part two looks at the manufacturing sector - now established as the leading sector of the economy. It underlines the industrial policies pursued in the course of the last decade, within a context of sustained growth. The phenomenon of industrialization as a whole and its endogenous social dynamics are analysed. The evolution of agrarian capital, foreign investment, as well as capital formation originated from the non-sugar sectors, geared towards the industrial sector, are discussed. The development strategy applied is examined in its external relations - closely linked to the programs.