Decodification et recodification du code civil francais.

par Zhongyuan Xu

Projet de thèse en Droit privé

Sous la direction de Pascal Lokiec et de Jean-Sylvestre Bergé.

Thèses en préparation à Paris 10 depuis le 19-01-2007 .

  • Résumé

    In the view of french civil law codification and revision, decodification and recodification will be targeted during the research on the process of codification, which aims to give some suggestion to the chinese codification. firstly, general principles research on the codification and development of private law. secondly, relationship between the contents of code and single legislation. in modern society, existence of single legislation and civil code is a phenomenon. but it should be considered how to arrange the contents of civil code. thirdly, research on code system. whether the system of 'codex jusinianus' or the system of pandekten will be adopted in chinese codification will be dealt with. fourthly, research skills of the codification. professor larenz had brought forward three models about civil code. although every model has its own advantages, the disadvantages and limitation could not be overcomed inherently. this research will pay attention to the comparative methods. at the same time the philosophic thoughts of french civil law, social status are researched in analysis of the real examples and comprehensive sociological measures.

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