Genealogie et fondements moraux des droits de l'homme

by Janvier Za'abe

Doctoral thesis in Philosophie

Under the supervision of Jean-Jacques Wunenburger.

defended on 1997

in Dijon .

  • Alternative Title

    The genesis and moral foundations of human rights

  • Abstract

    In order to have a full understanding of human rights one has to understand the scource of their validity. Their validity does not come from judicial texts which are proposed then subject to ratification by the state; the scource of their validity is situated the melting pot where moral anthropologies have been elabored, serving later as presuppositions to human rights doctrines. Today, however, we cannot find in god, in nature or even in reason, a vision of man sufficently justified to understand the humanism in human rights. Faced with this lack of pertinence of the classical justifications, we should explore new registers of validity. These new registers of validity take their starting point from the experience of human vulnerability which. While revealing the fragility of man, imposes on us at the same time the establishment of a normality making it possible to contain, within tolerable limits, the aggressivity and violence of man. If such is the raison d'etre of human rights they must not be derived, therefore, from heteronomy or autonomy but from human vulnerability.

  • Abstract

    Fonder les droits de l'homme, c'est saisir leur source de validite. Elle n'est pas du cote des textes juridiques arretes et proposes aux ratifications etatiques, mais se situe au niveau des morales politiques qui genetiquement, constituent des creusets ou se sont elabores les anthropologies morales qui ont servi plus tard de presupposes a cette doctrine. Aujourd'hui, nous ne pouvons cependant trouver en dieu, dans la nature ou encore dans la raison, une vision de l'homme suffisamment justifiee pour fonder l'humanisme des droits de l'homme. Nous devons, face a ce manque de pertinence des legitimations classiques, explorer un nouveau registre de validite. Celui-ci part de l'experience de la vulnerabilite humaine qui, tout en nous revelant la fragilite humaine, nous impose en meme temps, l'erection d'une normativite susceptible de contenir, dans un seuil tolerable, l'agressivite et la violence humaines. Si telle est la raison d'etre des droits de l'homme, il convient donc de les deriver non plus de l'heteronomie ou de l'autonomie, maid de la vulnerabilite humaine.

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  • Notes : Publication autorisée par le jury
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