Grammaire historique du dialecte grec ancien du chypre

by Markus Egetmeyer

Doctoral thesis in Linguistique

Under the supervision of Laurent Dubois.

defended on 1996

in Paris, EPHE .

  • Alternative Title

    Historical grammar of the ancient greek dialect of cyprus

  • Abstract

    This work presents the grammar of the ancient greek dialect of cyprus as it is attested in the cypriot inscriptions in syllabic script. The chronological and geographical repartition have specially been considered to demonstrate the evolution of the dialect during his history.

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  • Abstract

    Ce travail presente une grammaire de l'ancien dialecte grec de chypre comme il est atteste dans les inscriptions chypriotes en ecriture syllabique. La repartition chronologique et geographique ont ete specialement prises en consideration pour montrer l'evolution du dialecte au cours de son histoire.

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