Italo calvino : un itineraire d'ecriture dans la perspective des champs critiques contemporains italiens et francais

by Philippe Daros

Doctoral thesis in Littérature comparée

Under the supervision of Jean Bessière.

defended on 1988

in Amiens .

  • Alternative Title

    Italo calvino : the evolution of a writer seen through contemporary french and italian criticism

  • Abstract

    A study of the work of italo calvino in the context of the theoretical developments which took place in italy and france from the 1950's and the birth of the nouveau roman onwards, and with particular reference to the work of roland barthes. The evolution of calvino's fiction and critical work is seen as resulting from a complex set of determinations. The study identifies three broad stages : writing offers first a model of reality, then a proliferation of imaginary models, and finally a series of metaphorical fragments. Calvino's work is shown to be highly representative of contemporary writing in that it searches for new directions and new meanings, attempting to find an answer to the question raised by claude ollier : "quel recit possible a present ?".

  • Abstract

    Etude de l'oeuvre d'italo calvino en relation avec les reflextions theoriques sur le roman qui se developperent en italie, en france - notamment celles de roland barthes - a partir des annees 50 autour du "nouveau roman" et de la question a laquelle celui-ci tenta de repondre : "quel recit possible, a present ?" (c. Ollier) l'oeuvre romanesque et critique de calvino est concue comme un itineraire d'ecriture soumis a des determinismes complexes. Trois "moments" essentiels : l'ecriture comme modele de la realite, comme multiplication de modeles imaginaires (contrefactuels), comme fragment metaphorique. Un itineraire emblematique d'une ecriture contemporaine "en mal de sens".

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  • Notes : Publication autorisée par le jury

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